Why Stink Bugs Love Your Home


Stink Bugs   

In fall, stink bugs love your home for one reason, and one reason alone: warmth. If they can find a slightly heated nook, they'll be happy to enter a sort of hibernation called diapause, and silently wait for spring. The problem is, they usually find a nook that is more than slightly heated, and in their mind, they think it is summer again, and start crawling around everywhere.

Now, for the most part, stink bugs are a pretty good house guests. They don't get into your food, unless you leave fruit laying about. And, they don't generally make a lot of noise--although that tiny bzzz-click sound can get old quickly, especially if you have a dozen or so stink bugs. But what tends to drive people really crazy, is the dive bombing. Stink bugs fly, and they're not very good at it. So you might get hit in the temple, or the neck, on your way to the living room. Not because the stink bug is mad at you, or anything, just because they are lousy at flying. The worst is getting one in the mouth. If you think they smell bad, you should taste one.

So, let's say you have stink bugs. What can you do about it?

If they are already on the inside of your home, it is time to whip out the vacuum. There can be some smell involved, but generally, this is the best way to get rid of a large volume of stink bugs. When you're done, put the bag outside. If the stink bugs are in your walls, you'll need to call a pest professional to get rid of the problem. These bugs are elusive, and trying to treat them yourself can be frustrating and costly.

Once the bugs are gone, work with a professional to keep them from coming in again. Your screens will need to be inspected and fixed. This is a popular entry point for stink bugs. They also like to squeeze in past weather stripping that has slid down, due to gravity. Adjust your weather stripping, and examine your door sweeps. If you have cracks around your windows, use a caulking gun to seal them up. Don't worry if your windows aren't white, some caulk is paintable. Grab a little of that.

Once you have sealed up the cracks, holes, gaps, and rips, you'll be protected. But even after this, some people still get stink bugs coming inside. If this is the case for you, have a professional spray your perimeter, or exterior walls. This will deter stink bugs from crawling around on your walls, looking for the entry point you didn't see.

With this combination of defensive measures, you can stop those stink bugs from getting inside. It is as simple is as that.


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