Winter In Washington D.C. Sees The Increase In Rodent Activity


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The need for Washington D.C. rodent control professionals increases during the wintertime as mice and rats search for warm shelter and adequate food and water supplies. Like many of us rodents are not big fans of colder temperatures and will search for relief from the elements. In most cases this means the invasion of mice and rats into D.C. area homes and businesses. Because of their size mice can fit through cracks or crevices as small as 1/4" wide which means just about any building can be targeted by these elusive pests.

If you believe you may have a rodent problem you should address the issue immediately. Allowing mice or rats to linger in or around your property only increases the chance for structural or electrical damage and the exposure to serious health issues like asthma and salmonella. While these rodents are small and not often seen there are come clear indications of a mouse or rat problem. Looks for these signs mice and rats in and around your Washington D.C. property:

  • Activity in walls, especially at night
  • Mouse or rat droppings
  • Nests in storage areas, basements and garages

At American Pest we provide residential and commercial mouse control for Washington D.C. as well as provide rat exterminating services for area homes and businesses. Our rodent control programs include trapping any existing rodent populations, pest-proofing and exclusion services to deter rodents from entering and suggestions and recommendations from our professional pest control technicians for correcting any conditions around your home or office to prevent future mouse or rat infestations. At American Pest we are committed to helping D.C. homeowners and company’s resolve their pest issues and because we are locally owned we can be there quickly. For Washington D.C. Rodent Control call 1-877-282-1886 or click here.


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