Commercial Pest Control Services

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Rats in dumpster

1Dumpsters are quite attractive to rats and other rodents, especially if they are overflowing. Partner with American Pest to resolve rodent infestations and to correct conditions that attract these pests in the first place.

Spider web in window of business

2Unsightly spiders webs and other signs of pest infestation are likely to scare away customers and profits. Partner with American Pest and our commercial pest control pros will protect people, product and property.

Foraging termite

3Cracks in the foundation make it easy for termites and other insects to enter businesses. American Pest's commercial pest control services eliminate pests and prevent insects and rodents from taking over.

Fly in food spill

4Flies, rodents and other pests in commercial kitchens can lead to food contamination and other health and safety risks. American Pest understands this and offers comprehensive commercial pest control that eliminates pest problems.

Mouse and insect in storage area

5Mice and other rodents as well as insects enjoy the solitude and security storage areas afford them. Unfortunately they can cause significant damage to items and the structure left un-treated. Contact American Pest to find out how our ProCare protects your brand and facility.

Pigeon nesting on roof

6Pigeons and other pest bird infestations can lead to building and machinery damage, slips and falls, and reputation problems for businesses. American Pest's bird control offers superior protection from nuisance and damaging birds.

Commercial Pest Control

ProCare Protects Your Company's Brand

American Pest provides commercial pest control services throughout Washington D.C., Maryland and Northern Virginia. Developed by our team of entomologists, our ProCare program targets nuisance pests such as ants, cockroaches, mice and rats. No matter what type of business or industry, our commercial pest control solutions will eliminate insects and rodent problems in and around your facility. And we always customize a solution to suit every company's unique pest control needs.

ProCare from American Pest is a comprehensive pest control program. It resolves pest issues for all types of commercial facilities. With unmatched quality, ProCare is one of the most comprehensive commercial pest control services available.

How American Pest Does It

Our certified pest control professionals undergo extensive training. This ensures that they will survey and identify pest activity in and around your business using our S.T.A.R. approach to pest management.

Survey: We will survey your commercial property for pest activity and pest entry points.

Target: We will customize a targeted treatment solution to meet your company’s pest control needs.

Analyze: We will analyze the outcome of our treatments and take corrective action when undesired results occur.

Report: Using industry specific Rapid Trax technology, we will report our findings back to you in an effort to prevent future infestations.

Utilizing our S.T.A.R. system of pest management, we will develop a targeted plan of action to rid your business of immediate pest issues with eco-effective treatment options and exclusion techniques. If a covered pest problem arises between services, we’ll schedule a professional pest control technician to take care of it for you at no extra cost. We also offer emergency pest control services should an immediate need for pest control services arise. Our locally staffed Customer Care Center is available 24 hours a day to help you with any unexpected pest problems.

What differentiates
American Pest from the competition?

American Pest is driven by the satisfaction and feedback received from our clients. Each year, we contract with an outside agency to survey our clients for comments that are used to improve communication, operation standards and service quality. This level of satisfaction is represented by the Net Promoter Score, or NPS; a unit of measurement that identifies areas of strength and weakness in the overall customer experience. In addition, we employ 4 Board Certified Entomologists and 8 Associate Entomologists who research and apply the latest pest control innovations to our state-accredited training program.

Does American Pest offer pest control
solutions that are suited to LEED standards?

Yes. Progressive companies seeking sustainable alternatives trust American Pest’s LEED program. The program takes into consideration variables such as pest biology, structure and sanitation deficiencies, cultural peculiarities and environmental observations in an effort to apply pest control methods that have the least impact on the environment and non-target organisms.

A Trusted Pest Control Company

Our Maryland pest control company is QualityPro Green accredited by the National Pest Management Association. We are also affiliated with Copesan, which allows us to handle national accounts. American Pest has been entrusted to guard and protect some of our capital city’s highest profile properties from pest infestations. We even provide pest control services overseas for the State Department. As a family-owned business, we are committed to protecting your business from damaging and irritating pests. As an industry leader and innovator, we are the smart solution for all commercial pest issues. If your company or business is being infested by annoying pests, please contact us.