Living in Crofton, Maryland, means that you are ideally located between the larger cities of Baltimore, Annapolis, and Washington, D.C. Crofton residents are able to enjoy living in a community that has a small town feel, but is still close to all the amenities located in the cities nearby. The pros at American Pest want to help you keep your Crofton home pest free, ensuring that after a busy day of work or activities you can come home to relax without the stress of pest problems.

Why Choose American Pest For Crofton Pest Control Services

By choosing American Pest to control ants, spiders, mice and other pests in and around your Crofton home and business, you are choosing a family owned and operated company that has, over time, developed their pest control techniques to meet the needs of their local customers.

Deciding to choose American Pest also means that you are choosing a company that has extensive knowledge and experience that has been gained from working in the pest control ‘trenches’ since 1925. We are a trusted pest control leader that has always put our customers first by providing affordable services that are both effective and safe for families, pets, and plants to be around. And services from American Pest are performed by one of our professional, friendly, trained technicians.

Mosquito Treatments In Crofton MD

Our professionals treat properties for mosquitoes 6-7 times during their active season, which in our area generally runs from March to late October. Our board certified entomologists have created a mosquito treatment program that involves easy and effective steps to control mosquitoes.

Step One

Inspection - A thorough inspection of your property is completed by one of American Pest’s trained professionals to identify resting and breeding sites.

Step Two

Treatment - We treat for mosquitoes using a specialized misting system applied to foliage areas around your property, and we always pay special attention to areas that retain moisture (bushes, shrubs, under decks).

Step Three

Larvicide - We limit mosquito breeding areas by treating them with a biological mosquito larvicide which stops the larvae from developing into biting, annoying, disease transmitting adults.

Home Pest Control In Crofton Maryland

Protecting your home, family, and pets from the dangers and damages of pests is every homeowner’s top priority, and when you choose our team, it will be our top priority as well. Common household pests are not just an annoyance to deal with; they can be damaging to the structure of your home, destroy personal property, contaminate food sources, and introduce bacteria and parasites into your Crofton home.

The professionals here at American Pest have developed high quality, safe services to combat common household pests. Our home pest control services in Crofton are safe for you and your family; they eliminate current pest issues and provide solutions to prevent future problems with common household pests. Our Preferred Care plan provides protection for your home from over 30 common pests throughout the year with seasonal treatments; the plan includes the sealing of pest entry points, rodent monitoring and control, and both interior and exterior service. We also provide even more comprehensive plans through our Preferred Care Plus and Preferred Care Complete plans.

For more information about any of the pest control services that the experts at American Pest can provide to Crofton, Maryland, residents, call us today!


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