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American Pest set out more than 90 years ago to become the premier pest control company throughout Northern Virginia, D.C., and Maryland. We now hold the elite status of being one of the oldest premier pest control businesses throughout the greater D.C. area.

American Pest serves the great people of Warrenton with confidence, implementing the latest technological methods and green initiatives available in the pest control industry. 
The professionals here at American Pest realize that the residents of Warrenton have enough to keep them busy with family time, work, and other responsibilities, leaving them no time to worry about pest control problems. We offer a variety of services, both residential and commercial, to take care of all your pest control issues.

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Ant Control Warrenton

There are approximately 14,000 different species of ants throughout the world today.  Fortunately, only a small number of species are known to invade homes and buildings.  Even more specifically, Warrenton, VA residents can experience invasions of odorous house ants, pavement ants, and carpenter ants.
Odorous house ants, also known as sugar ants, are very small and dark brown or black.  They measure 1/8th of an inch or less and put off a very distinctive and offensive odor when crushed. Pavement ants are just slightly larger than odorous house ants. The pavement ant lives outside but invades the house foraging for food.

The telltale sign of pavement ants are the mounds of fine dirt between cracks of concrete and landscaping stones. Carpenter ants are much larger than other ants, sometimes averaging a ½ inch or more. A mature queen ant can reach almost an inch in length. The carpenter ant can become a threat to the structure of buildings by excavating and chewing tunnels through the wooden components of the building.
All ants have one common goal: protect and provide for the colony.  In their quest for food, moisture, and shelter, they will not hesitate to invade your home or business. However, they can be difficult to eradicate due to the fact that the majority of the colony is never seen. The only ants visible are the small percentage that actively forages for food. 

That's why DIY ant control often fails, the over the counter sprays only eliminate the ants that they immediately come into contact with. So the rest of the colony is left to continue reproducing, growing, and thriving. This is where American Pest comes to the rescue. Our technicians are trained to identify the species, locate the colony, and completely eradicate all the ants. Our plan also includes taking steps to prevent future ant infestations.


Year Round Home Pest Control in Warrenton VA

American Pest's pest control program has been uniquely designed to provide year-round home pest control for Warrenton, Virginia residents.

The Preferred Care Plan services your home every other month with unparalleled protection from general household pests. Warrenton clients receive prompt treatment from any existing pests as well as innovative prevention methods that ensures year-round protection from more than 30 household pests.

Some of these pests include ants, spiders, crickets, cockroaches, flies, fleas, stink bugs, and pantry pests. American Pest’s certified technicians use the S.T.A.R approach of Surveying, Targeting, Analyzing, and Reporting.

This very thorough plan of protection includes a guarantee with our pest free pledge. That means that if pests return or show up between regularly scheduled services, American Pest returns for free!


Warrenton, VA Mouse & Rodent Control

Rodents are mammals that are equipped with two incisors that grow continually. These incisors are only kept short when the rodent gnaws on things continuously.  The more well-known rodents include mice, rats, chipmunks, and squirrels. Of those, mice and rats are the leaders of all rodents with an unusual relationship with humans throughout the Warrenton VA area.

It's important to understand that rodent invasions and infestations occur because of their need for food, water, and shelter, especially in the winter. Unfortunately, mice and rats are also known to carry a variety of serious diseases and parasites that threaten the health of people. 
While there are many Do-It-Yourself methods available, this is usually not the cheapest or most successful approach. Warrenton residents can be assured that every method or product used by American Pest has been thoroughly tested by the EPA and approved for pest control use.

Our strict guidelines will ensure the safety of all humans as well as their pets. The newly designed s/rodent-control includes everything needed to bring total protection from rodents.  The plan includes a thorough inspection. The technician will then seal off entry points, install rodent bait stations, provide interior and exterior rodent treatment, and then follow up with additional inspections and treatments as needed.


Warrenton Mosquito & Tick Control

Warrenton residents should be aware that disease-transmitting ticks and mosquitoes are found throughout Virginia and many other locations. This includes deer ticks, which are largely responsible for more than 300,000 cases of Lyme disease each year. Many of these cases coming from the east coast region.

Mosquitoes and ticks increase and become more active and problematic from March through October. This increasing population of mosquitoes and ticks causes additional concern for human health. American Pest has made educating the people of Warrenton about the dangers of ticks and mosquitoes a top priority.
Our entomologists have designed a unique pest control program that begins with a complete inspection of the entire property to identify breeding locations. Then our technicians will apply a specialized repellent treatment with a unique misting system in important areas.

American Pest limits mosquito populations through the use of a biological larvicide in breeding locations to stop the development of larvae. Thankfully, these and other proven treatments in the control of mosquitoes and ticks are available to Warrenton residents.

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