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What are Oriental cockroaches?

Adult Oriental roaches grow to be about 1 inch in length. Their hard body is smooth, shiny, and black. The female has a wide body, and the male has a more narrow body. Also, the male’s wings are more developed than the females, but neither are capable of flight. Oriental cockroaches are known for emitting a very powerful, musty odor that most people find very unpleasant.

Why do I have them?

Oriental roaches are typically found living outside in moist, damp areas like inside sewers, under piles of garbage, or in leaf piles and wood piles. They can also be found underneath mulch, under landscaping timbers, and in fallen, decaying logs. If the weather becomes unsuitable for them (too hot and dry), they will move inside buildings to seek a more humid environment. They often enter inside through cracks and crevices in the foundation and exterior walls, through the spaces underneath doors and around windows, and through floor drains and pipes. When living inside, they are found in basement areas and crawl spaces.

Are they dangerous?

Yes, Oriental cockroaches are very dangerous to have in your home. They carry a lot of viruses, bacteria, and parasites on their bodies and in their feces which can cause diarrhea, dysentery, salmonella, and other serious health concerns. Oriental cockroaches do have the potential to bite people, but bites from these roaches generally only occur in the case of a very large infestation. Also, their shed skins and feces often trigger asthma attacks in people;, especially in young children.

How do I get rid of Oriental cockroaches?

Eliminating Oriental cockroaches from a property can be very difficult; they are nocturnal, breed very quickly, and adapt easily to new environments. To completely eliminate an Oriental cockroach infestation from your property, you need the knowledge and experience of a trained professional. The highly trained exterminators here at American Pest understand the habits and habitats of Oriental roaches and can eliminate them through our Preferred Care residential pest control services. These year-round pest control plans get rid of cockroaches and other common household invaders with regular treatment visits. Call us today to learn more about our Preferred Care plans!

Can I do it myself?

There are many DIY products on the market to “eliminate cockroaches”, but the truth of the matter is that these products are mostly ineffective at completely ridding a property of all the adults, nymphs, and eggs invading it. Leaving just one or two eggs or adults behind will result in a re-infestation. Also, many of the products at big box stores can be very harmful to people and pets if not used or mixed correctly. The best solution to an Oriental Cockroach infestation is to contact the cockroach control experts at American Pest; our professionals can eliminate any sized cockroach infestation from Washington, D.C. area properties and keep them from returning.

How soon can you get here?

At American Pest, we pride ourselves on our speed and level of service. For that reason, we make every effort to make sure we can be with you the same or the very next day.

Is the treatment safe?

Every product used by American Pest has first been extensively tested by the EPA and is registered for pest control use. Only then do we apply it following a strict set of guidelines for use around humans and pets.

How can I prevent this in the future?

Oriental cockroaches and cockroaches, in general, are very difficult pests to prevent. They can enter buildings many different ways - on their own, in packages, or on people. In addition to putting a year-round pest control plan from American Pest in place, there are some steps that you can take around your home and property to help prevent an Oriental cockroach infestation.

  • Install door sweeps on all exterior doors and caulk all gaps around windows and doors - especially ones that lead into the basement.
  • Use air-conditioners and dehumidifiers to reduce humidity levels.
  • Seal the spaces around utility lines, wires, and pipes entering your home.
  • Store food in air-tight containers or in the refrigerator.
  • Quickly clean up spills and crumbs, regularly remove trash from your home, and routinely wash all dirty dishes. 

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