Preventing Summer Ticks Around Richmond

Summer has returned to Richmond, which means so have mosquitoes. Mosquitoes can be a major nuisance, disrupting outdoor activities and potentially spreading some nasty diseases. If these buzzing, biting pests have taken over your lawn, don’t wait: contact American Pest for professional mosquito control services at once. 

American Pest Control, Richmond Virginia

As the capital of Virginia and one of America’s oldest cities, Richmond has a wealth of historical and cultural appeal that makes it a huge draw for history buffs. However, it’s still the type of city that anyone can enjoy, with warm summers and mild winters that make living here in Henrico County easy. Unfortunately, the climate and high human population also makes it the perfect potential living situation for pests of all shapes and sizes.

Since 1925, American Pest has been solving pest problems in homes and businesses in Richmond and throughout Virginia. We are proud to be a family-owned and operated pest management company that offers both commercial and residential pest control services in RVA that will protect people and property from pests all year long.  At American Pest, we use the most effective pest management techniques that utilize the latest environmentally-friendly pest control products to get rid of ants, bed bugs, cockroaches and termites as well as many other insects and rodents that are common in Chesterfield, Hanover and Henrico County.

Home Pest Control in Richmond VA

At American Pest, we understand that pest problems crop up when you least expect them. And when they do, you need a knowledgeable professional to respond quickly to get the problem under control. Our customers rely on our reputation of excellence, from scheduling your first inspection to interacting with our pest professionals and customer service teams. We're here to get the job done right, with the experience and professionalism that you need to feel safe and secure in choosing a quality pest control provider. We employ proven solutions for many mainstay pests, including:

  • Ants

  • Termites
  • Mosquitoes
  • Spiders

  • Cockroaches

  • Mice & Rats

  • Crickets

Our Preferred Care residential pest control service will eliminate any current infestation, as well as help prevent new ones from occurring in the future.  With three levels of pest control coverage, no matter how big or small your pest control problem is, we have a plan that will suit every homeowner and their budget.  For the very best in home pest control, think American Pest of Richmond, VA.

Richmond VA Mouse Control

Problems with mice or rats? Outside temperatures drive rodents inside homes and businesses to escape the cold. If you have discovered sightings from mice in the kitchen, attic, or another area of your home, we can help. At American Pest, we know what it takes to get rid of a mouse infestation, using safe and effective control options. Partnering with us means that our experts will keep your home mouse-free. Check out our rodent control solutions to learn more about our approach to controlling and preventing mouse infestations in Richmond, VA.


Pest Control For Richmond Businesses

The image and reputation of any business are some of the keys to their success, especially in today’s fragile economy.  There are so many things that can damage the most perfect reputation; don’t let the sight of cockroaches, flies, bed bugs or mice be one of them.  American Pest understands just how important your image and reputation are to your bottom line, which is why we designed our commercial pest control program to help Richmond business owners and managers overcome their pest issues while following all industry regulations.  We have been trusted to protect some of the nation’s most recognizable buildings and we will extend the same level of professionalism to your Richmond, VA facility as well.  Along with insect and rodent control in Richmond, we offer other commercial services including:

  • Bed Bug Services

  • Termite Control

  • Rodent Removal

  • General Pest Control

American Pest has offered commercial customers, who have locations throughout the United States, access to a consistent national program administered by trained technicians who are knowledgeable about local pest issues. If your company is suffering from insect and rodent infestations and is in need of quality pest control services, team up with American Pest. We not only can keep your facilities 100% pest free, but we can also help protect your reputation and brand as well.  Contact us today for more information on our pest control for businesses or any of our unsurpassed pest control services.


American Pest Can Help You Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Bed bug infestations continue to be an issue for property owners and managers in Richmond as well as throughout Virginia and the entire United States.  These biting pests are small, flat, oval-shaped insects that feed on human blood and are easily carried into a property undetected on luggage, clothing or even directly on people. They are very hard to identify and even harder to eliminate because they are able to hide in a number of small spaces in your home or business such as:

  • Mattresses and mattress seams

  • In clutter laying on the floor

  • In-between floorboards or behind baseboards

  • Behind electric outlet covers

  • In your personal items or electronics

The professionals at American Pest are experts at eliminating these nocturnal insects.  Our bed bug control methods include:

  • Bed Bug Heat Treatments

  • K-9 Detection

If anyone of your family members has noticed tiny, red bites on their skin or if your customers have noticed dark blood spots on your mattresses or linens, contact American Pest today, you may already have a severe bed bug problem.


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