Termite Control

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Termite mud tubes

1Termites create mud tubes to connect their colony to above-ground food sources. They are one sign of a termite problem and are often found along the foundation of homes and buildings.

A Sentricon Station

2American Pest is an Authorized Operator of the Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System and installs this effective termite baiting system in homes and businesses across Washington D.C., Maryland And Northern Virginia.

Always Active Termite Bait

3The Sentricon System contains Always Active bait which termites prefer over real wood. They consume the bait and take it back to colony. When these wood destroying insects feed on the bait it ensures that the entire termite population is eliminated.

Members of a termite colony

4In Maryland, D.C. and Northern Virginia, subterranean termites live underground in colonies that can number in the millions. They travel through the soil in tunnel systems they create to food sources.

Termite bait station

5Termites are likely to attack homes and businesses that have moisture rich soil near their foundations. The Sentricon System strategically installed around structures can prevent termite damage and eliminate these wood destroying insects.

American Pest Gets Rid Of Termites 

As wood-destroying insects, termites are responsible for billions of dollars in property damages every year in the USA.  For homeowners, termite problems can cause mounting frustration and costly repairs if infestations remain undetected.  For businesses, termite infestations can negatively impact their company's productivity, profits, and professional reputation.  At American Pest, we offer termite control for homes as well as commercial and industrial facilities in Washington D.C., Maryland and Northern Virginia.  With over 85 years of experience in the pest control industry, we believe that American Pest is the termite exterminator of choice for the region, has been entrusted to protect some of our nation's highest-profile buildings from the threat of termites, including the White House.  

Expert Termite Protection

It is common for termite activity to remain undetected without the trained eye of a professional.  In the early stages of an infestation, termites keep their wood-destroying activity hidden beneath flooring and behind walls, siding and wood trim.  They will destroy wooden structures leaving only the outer surface intact.  Mud tunnels, holes in wood, and warped doors and floors are possible indications of termites in your home or business and should be tended to immediately to avoid severe termite damage.  At American Pest, we resolve termite issues for property owners and managers.  Period.

Our Termite Control Solutions 

Our termite control is an effective pest control service that is designed to eliminate termite problems permanently and includes:

  • A Thorough Termite Inspection

  • Installation of the Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System

  • Continuous Monitoring For New Termite Activity

  • Regular Maintenance On Sentricon® Systems

As an Authorized Operator since 1995, American Pest has successfully installed the Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System at thousands of homes, businesses, and national historic properties.  With great success, we've continued to utilize the termite baiting technology to prevent termite damage and eliminate termite colonies where they're present.  The Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System requires no liquid or drilling treatments, and leaves no harmful or offensive odors behind.  With continuous monitoring for the presence of new termite activity as part of our termite control services, American Pest guarantees complete elimination of existing termites and the prevention of new termite colony invasions.  For businesses that utilize our services, we'll provide the Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System Certificate of Protection.  Contact us today for help with your termite issues.

Always Active from Sentricon®

The newest innovation to the Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System simplifies the entire process of eradicating termites from your property. With the introduction of Always Active technology, your home has 24/7/365 termite protection from the moment the system is installed. Plus, termites actually prefer the Always Active bait to wood itself, which means elimination is even faster than before!

View the Sentricon® Always Active™ Information Sheet termite information pdf

Five Reasons American Pest Chooses Eco-Friendly Sentricon®

  • Minimal application of active ingredient (literally grams) as compared to hundreds of gallons of liquid termiticides used in trenching and drilling treatments

  • Active ingredient is chemically engineered to control termites only, and when professionally maintained will not cause harm to humans, pets or wildlife

  • When professionally installed, no risk to applicator during initial treatment and continuous monitoring

  • Thousands of successful termite colony eliminations since 1995

  • EPA Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award Winner

Liquid Treatment Option: Altriset®

Altriset® is another viable option to control termite activity in or near your home. Also known as a Liquid Barrier Treatment, Altriset® is applied approximately six to ten inches deep into the soil in a trench dug around the foundation of the home. Termites ingest the soil and the Altriset® which they then transfer back to the colony. Since termites are social insects that share food and grooming practices with the whole colony, Altriset® quickly spreads throughout, normally destroying it within three months. Let American Pest help you decide which option makes the most sense in your life.